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Isofill increases the comfort of living

The solution for humidity problems
Most houses show humidity problems originating from below the floor surface. In many cases this may on the long run lead to problems like wood rot in the floor planking or floor joists. Also molds and fungi may gain free access to infest your house. Using Isofill all these problems can be solved at once.

The solution for greater living comfort
Isofill not only resolves problems, it also raises your living comfort. Isofill insulating effect ensures a comfortable floor temperature. Everybody likes a warm floor surface, but young children who usually play on the floor will really enjoy it. Also persons with respiratory tract or rheumatoid disorders will feel better.

The solution for saving energy
Today saving on energy is no longer a subject exclusively reserved for environment-minded people. Energy is continuously getting more expensive and also the government is stepping in with nation-wide campaigns for a more economical use of energy. When you improve the energy label of your house by a better insulation of its shell, its value will increase.


Flo-Pak meets the growing demand for environmentally friendly products while also ensuring a high level of product protection. With more than 50 years experience, we have been able to create many individual solutions for our customers.

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