Make the most of our long-time experience and benefit from selected logistics partners! We can currently supply full or half trucks with 120 bags/60 cubic meters or 240 bags/120 cubic meters in an eco-friendly manner. But we can also organize appropriate third-party deliveries for our partners. Our trading partners can deliver small quantities for you, as they are able to combine these deliveries with other shipping products in an environmentally friendly manner.



Want to optimize your processes and automatically transport our chips to the packing stations? Then we’re the ones who can help you formulate a customized solution. We have over 20 years experience in automatic chip transportation, and can offer you various solutions. The chips are either filled using the well known bags, or delivered loose and automatically poured into the silo from the truck. Either way, you’ll benefit from huge handling advantages and process optimizations.


Flo-Pak meets the growing demand for environmentally friendly products while also ensuring a high level of product protection. With more than 50 years experience, we have been able to create many individual solutions for our customers.

Let us be part of your ideas and requirements!

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